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Reload to refresh your session. Type a search in for things like ”Pay My Bill,” or “Email Troubleshooting.” Search Search Looking for something else? defining sdmed,sdhigh will discard the duplicate sd1200) RenditionId BrevityId Default Profiles 825b7f2a-a31b-11e4-bfdb-005056837bc7 audio 5ff484d6-a33d-11e4-bfdb-005056837bc7 sd264 mobile sd sdlow ac2e7f0b-a345-11e4-bfdb-005056837bc7 sd512 sdmed 74ba4d0b-a347-11e4-bfdb-005056837bc7 sd764 076ea1a2-a35b-11e4-bfdb-005056837bc7 sd1200 tablet sdhigh 225bd8bb-a577-11e4-bfdb-005056837bc7 sd2000 9adf3bc3-a578-11e4-bfdb-005056837bc7 hd3000 Powered by Redmine © 2006-2013 Jean-Philippe Lang Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox.

If the Ad Server returns a proper response and includes an ad creative that has not been previously returned, Once will automatically ingest that ad creative video within your domain into Reply Topic Options Subscribe to RSS Feed Mark Topic as New Mark Topic as Read Float this Topic to the Top Bookmark Subscribe Printer Friendly Page All Forum Topics Previous Topic Example Key/Value pairs: Cust_params=Denver%Android_4_0%26tile%Video Video_param=26iu%3D%252F7646 Customer Created URL: tile%Video&UMPTPARAMVideo_param=26iu%3D%252F7646 URL Sent by Brightcove to ad provider: http://ad.provider.url?Cust_Params=Denver%Android_4_0%26tile%Video&Video_param=26iu%3D%252F7646 UMLITERAL - Pass Set Number of Characters Right of '&' as One String Recordar mis datos · ¿Olvidaste tu contraseña? ¿Nuevo en Twitter?

Vod Error Codes

SRM-900 ARspSeViewLimitReached The subscriber has exceeded the maximum number of times that the video can be viewed. CMOD-54002 MsoD Duplicate MacFound Error The MSO server is indicating this device already exists in its database. TruncatedFileError The input file is smaller than the headers say it should be. This function allows for the inclusion of characters that would otherwise be disallowed in the URL path, including potentially unsafe characters.

SRM-4 This error is a VOD server side error. The authorization tokens to the CDN will be generated by the Once service and requires the hashing and appendage of specific parameters on the Once URL to pass the Once authorization. xm."key" ✓ ✓ ✓ Used to extract extended metadata defined at ingest by the "metadata" object for the key and its set value. Tivo Vod Error 13 thanks Ajitpal Singh Last edited by ajitpals; 01-24-2011 at 06:07 AM. 01-24-2011,11:23 AM #2 rrlanham View Profile View Forum Posts View Articles Wowza Support Join Date Dec 2007 Posts 22,013 You

Other features Ad Cache If an ApplicationId configured to make ad calls is used in a request for video, Once will send a request to the associated Ad Server to retrieve DownloadTimeoutError Once attempted to download the submitted media file, but did not receive a response from the hosting server in a reasonable amount of time.. make[1]: stopped in /root/nginx-1.6.2 *** Error code 1 Stop. Independent Tracking UMXBEACON={encodedURL} Example: Fired beaconing URL: http://tracking.exampleurl?keyone=111 Utility params UMFKEY - Alternative method of requesting videos by Foreign Key UMFKEY={URLEncodedForeignKey} UKFKEY allows for requesting Once URLs utilizing the Foreign

SRM returned error 36896 in the session set up response. Rcn On Demand Service Error I followed your Build log..It`s working now.. If desired the same endpoint can be used for multiple notification methods, or each can be configured separately. Encuentra un tema que te apasione, y únete a la conversación.

Suddenlink Error Code S0a00

SRM-2 RspNeNoCalls The customer chose to start a VOD video. ERR-35 eRspNeProcError Network processing error- SRM ran into an issue/ could not process a request. Vod Error Codes CMOD-54004 MsoDbUnknownDbErrorError The MSO server is indicating that an unknown database error occurred. Suddenlink Vod Not Working SRM could not get any authorization from the server component within the configured time period.

These subtitles or closed captions can be rendered by players and native OS playback components that allow the viewer to choose the language of their choice, either via OS default localization Xpath: adResponse/siteSection/videoPlayer/videoAsset/adSlots/temporalAdSlot:customId beacon.smartxml.adpodposition ✓ (For Freewheel Smart XML). You may configure a single play beacon to be fired, quartile events (Start, First Quartile, etc.), or at set intervals of time such as every 5 seconds. VM-15 VM_VIDEO_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_DVD The client did attempt to start the session because the subscriber is attempting to play a DVD asset. Rcn Error Codes

Temporarily Override the Standard Rendition List (umoprofiles) Using UMOPROFILES={RenditionId} or UMOPROFILES={BrevityId} or UMOPROFILES={profile} query string parameter will override any renditions that have been selected by the Once Device Detection logic. RenditionId BrevityId Rendition Name Width Height Video Bitrate Audio Bitrate Audio Sample Rate Encoding Profile 5ff484d6-a33d-11e4-bfdb-005056837bc7 sd264 Once 264 ZC 256x144 200.64 B30 256 144 200 64 48 Baseline, 3.0 ac2e7f0b-a345-11e4-bfdb-005056837bc7 UnexpectedResultError An unexpected error occurred. Each subsequent retry will be 30 seconds apart not including any queueing that may add an additional delay.

If the server returns a response code, Once will display it in the error message so that you can determine what happened and make any necessary updates to the file. Suddenlink Error-7 ERR-7 Invalid Parameter The call to the CMOD Library failed because an invalid parameter was supplied. Output as a sidecar through Once UX only For WebVTT: Input files must not be segmented.

ERR-36894 RspSeExtDurationError Subscriber attempted to start a VOD session.

It allows the utilization of existing investments in reporting or analysis tools including providers like Omniture, Comscore, Nielsen, etc. Regístrate ¿Tienes cuenta? Más información Mmm, hubo un problema al contactar con el servidor. ¿Intentar de nuevo? Srm 8001 Error Code Comcast Multiple applications may be configured in a domain to facilitate different configurations as needed.

All responses containing overridden profiles will continue to utilize the Once platform's device detection logic to determine the order of renditions and segment size that is most suitable for the requesting Search For Search Internet Email Servers Speedtest Check Usage Home Networking View more TV Remote Controls Channel Lineup BendBroadband 2 Go Alpha User Guide View more Phone My Phone Manager Access When a request for encrypted content is made, authorization information is passed to the requesting device within the HLS manifest as the attribute EXT-X-KEY and must be successfully validated in order URL Syntax The Once VOD URL is constructed by using a programmatic URL syntax.

The URL to beacon to must be encoded and if other query strings are utilized, UMXBEACON must be the last appended to the URL. I've been getting that error, on and off on a daily basis, between the hours of 12 M to 5-6 AM. Apple FairPlay DRM FairPlay is an Apple DRM technology that is exclusively used to protect streamed and downloaded content on Apple devices. We'll take a look.

ERR-1 This error is most likely generated by CMOD client component signifying a FileNotFound condition. This error can be caused by any of the following scenarios: 1) There are no instances in the server list file available to service the request. 2) The client has attempted ERR-23 LSC_NO_MEMORY Subscriber attempted a VCR command, however the pump reported that it has run out of memory. If your total account balance is over $400 then your account will be unable to purchase VOD.

Ingest At ingest, publication rules can be defined on a per asset basis via the Brightcove Once ingestion methods. They might be doing updates on the VOD? The Once platform's Auto detection will prioritize adaptive delivery to a device if supported, otherwise the device will receive an appropriate progressive response. This error indicates that there was more data available than what could fit in the supplied buffer.