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Vodafone 3g Error 31


Start the pppd To start the pppd daemon, either run pon/poff or /etc/rc.d/ppp start|stop. Thanks for your help Rob robert heaney robert111 # 10 Mar 2014 Sorry, I forgot to also say. I actually had the Tera Term working, showing values fine with the 11U25 mbed. That is all done, The Vodafone Mobile Broadband Network Adapter Updated Successfully.

At the end of this guide there are explained the available options for this command. You probably won't need to modify it. returns a list of all available networks in the format of $state,$longname,$shortname,$id,$tech. $state 0=unknown 1=available 2=current 3=forbidden $longname long alphanumeric operator name $shortname short alphanumeric operator name $id numeric operator id Then I just have the D+ and D- connected to the USB D+ and D- on the microcontroller. additional hints

Error Code 12 Vodafone Dongle

Didn't know if i change both our one of them? Step 2: Then right click on Computer icon and go to Manage (Computer Management) → Device Manager → Network adapters Step 3: In Network adapters you will see the Vodafone Mobile Broadband Network Adapter. Its a single intermittent flash. Below is the code I get in tera term.

Update 23 Feb. 2011 For those of us that have had to endure poor 3G coverage and often no Vodafone signals let's hope that Vodafone are going to take their service I don't know where is the problem Thank you Hi am trying to connect Vodafone 3G modem with mbed, but am using Qatar Vodafone modem is that make any difference ?? If you exchange the SIM card, to select the new carrier you only need to update the apn symlink to point to the correct apn file and restart the ppp network Vodafone Customer Care Number You need a microcontroller with USB Host to host a USB device like a USB dongle.

it compiled successfully and when i press rest the modem start blanking but no massage received ? Vodafone Data Card Error Code 11 APN error on the Network setting. 3. To install it, they had to uninstall the E220's software. Where do these come up?

Be sure that the FlashNet data SIM is activated. The NXP1768 is a good choice. Rob {{/media/uploads/robert111/mbed_image_0.png}} {{/media/uploads/robert111/mbed_image_1.png}} {{/media/uploads/robert111/mbed_image_2.png}} {{/media/uploads/robert111/mbed_image_the_error_line.png}} Ashley Mills ashleymills # 06 Mar 2014 Hi there Robert, Can you please try this program instead: Import programVodafoneSMSBasicsShows how to send and receive SMS messages Ashley OK the error messages imply that it can't even enumerate the USB device.

Vodafone Data Card Error Code 11

Nokia N73 (USB tethering; select "PC Suite" when the phone asks). Thanks for your help Rob Hi again, I got my 1768 and got it all connected. Error Code 12 Vodafone Dongle This is the tera term display when I reset the mbed and it starts to run. {{/media/uploads/robert111/start_of_running.png}} Ashley Mills ashleymills # 24 Mar 2014 Yes D+ should be on 32 and Vodafone K4201i Error Code 12 53.91% of South Africans voted in favour of the Nkandla compound and SABC censorship.

other modems does not work on my mine. news Thanks. Thankfully I have managed to solve that problem. Step 6: Now click on the Show Compatible Hardware and then select Vodafone Mobile Broadband Network Adapter and click Next. Vodafone Dongle Error Code 1099

Error or fail code 619? 1. Thank You. The NXP1768 is a good choice. Don't know if this helps at all?

Wait a few minutes and try to connect again. Let's hope this isn't just a marketing and PR stunt by Vodafone and that we see some significant improvements! Configuration The following files are also available as netcfg-ppp-mobile-gitAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror] in the Arch User Repository. /etc/ppp/options-mobile Create this file: /etc/ppp/options-mobile ttyUSB0 921600 lock crtscts modem passive novj defaultroute

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Rob robert heaney robert111 # 24 Mar 2014 Should have put this picture in too. Ashley You don't need to issue a connect to send and receive SMS. Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I have powered it using a separate supply as shown on the mbed page.

How have you wired up your dongle to the mbed? it compiled successfully and when i press rest the modem start blanking but no massage received ? It's a hidden device and i managed to be able to see it in the device manager of windows 7, but after uninstalling it appears again. I believe this is the one you told me to try.

Is it only the one place in that Vodafone file I need to change the apn? The other files consist in a single line, which in some cases you may need to modify in order to customize it. /etc/ppp/chatscripts/ ABORT 'BUSY' ABORT 'NO CARRIER' ABORT 'VOICE' ABORT Let me know if this produces output. Reply Jay Bokhiria says 4 April, 2014 at 2:42 am Hi Anand, First uninstall vodafone old software and reinstall with latest version of vodafone software.

I get different message in tera term (below) but it still fails to connect? Terms & Conditions 1. I turned on the debugging in that file and I get the following output in tera term. Can someone help please??

Your cache administrator is webmaster. With the above proposed setup, while the new ppp0 interface is up, pppd will automatically set your default route (if none previously existing) as well as the /etc/resolv.conf contents. Please guide or help Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply MailChimp Training Near You Get updated when we hold MailChimp Training classes near you First name* First Email* City*NameThis field is Thanks in advance.

If the connection keeps switching between GPRS and 3G 1. (Windows) Click ‘Manage Connections’ and select a different Network Preference in the drop-down menu in the Mobile Connections panel, eg. ‘3G I have changed the type of mbed i'm using in the compiler (the option in the top right). Thanks in advance. You may check with Vodafone. 2.

RSSI of 3/4 (about 10% reception) seems to be the absolute minimum to get a (rather flaky) HDSPA connection. $rssi=0-31 (-113dBm + $rssi * 2) or 99 (unknown or not measurable) you are great. The answer to that is in the first post!