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you're using. Default is: 60.0. --stream-segment-attempts ATTEMPTS¶ How many attempts should be done to download each segment before giving up. Join Date Feb 2007 BeansHidden! Tagsadvertising c computer Couchdb Damaged Video Database Drivers dual monitor setup Error Escape Characters EXCEL FFMPEG Greesemonkey Insert internet java application Java SE laptop screen Linux LOGGING Mysql NAS php ini

Default is: 10.0. --hls-timeout TIMEOUT¶ Timeout for reading data from HLS streams. Can be repeated to add multiple cookies. --http-header KEY=VALUE¶ A header to add to each HTTP request. Default is: 3. --stream-segment-threads THREADS¶ The size of the thread pool used to download segments. Fallback streams can be specified by using a comma-separated list: "720p,480p,best" If no stream is specified and --default-stream is not used then a list of available streams will be printed.

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UStream. What happens to all of the options when they expire? Menelaos BakopoulosMr. Adv Reply November 20th, 2009 #4 mc4man View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message .

A protocol can be accessed directly by specifying it in the URL format: protocol://path [key=value] Accessing a stream that requires extra parameters to be passed along (e.g. This is only available on RTMP streams. --subprocess-errorlog, --errorlog, -e¶ Log possible errors from internal subprocesses to a temporary file. Moreover, I hope you understand the power and flexibility of VLC a little more. Vlc No Access Modules Matched This sentence is the reason of finding vlc –file-logging (VLC log file).

DistroUbuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Where is the VLC Log file? up vote 31 down vote accepted I found the following command to run from command line: vlc.exe --extraintf=http:logger --verbose=2 --file-logging --logfile=vlc-log.txt share|improve this answer edited Jan 2 '14 at 12:47 jmb For example, I purposefully took a sane video file and messed up the header by opening it in a text editor and making some changes to the bytes. Today, you will learn how to make your file playing skills that much better, in VLC.

It's possible to tell Livestreamer to access a streaming protocol directly instead of relying on a plugin to extract the streams from a URL for you. Only Real/helix Rtsp Servers Supported For Now Syntax¶ The config file is a simple text file and should contain one command-line option (omitting the dashes) per line in the format: option=value or for a option without value: option It also allows you to temporary pause as long as the ringbuffer doesn't get full since we continue to download the stream in the background. Example: http://hostname:port/ --https-proxy HTTPS_PROXY¶ A HTTPS capable proxy to use for all HTTPS requests.

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So, now you understand why they are trying to find vlc log file. VLC must be run as administrator for the logging to actually work due to the windows 7 security restrictions. Vlc Log Linux It also means you will most likely never succeed in getting these files to play without some serious byte-by-byte hacking. Vlc Media Player Error Log Why does the Developer Console show different extensions like "apxc" and "apxt"?

When trying to stream a video with VLC (MMS), I am getting the following error message: VLC is unable to open the MRL 'mms://URL_HERE'. But when I do this, the log file does not get created. You can specify the location of the rtmpdump executable if it is not in your PATH. For example: "vlc --file-caching=5000" To use a player that is located in a path with spaces you must quote the path: "'/path/with spaces/vlc' --file-caching=5000" By default VLC will be used if Vlc Debug Interface

It must have just been posted at the same time I was first accessing it or something. Default is: 3. --hls-segment-threads THREADS¶ The size of the thread pool used to download HLS segments. In most cases, you give up and this point and have a coffee break. Results 1 to 5 of 5 Thread: Where is the VLC Log file?

For example, from my Moron.avi video: That looks crazy. No Suitable Demux Module For Well, if you have precious, emotionally valuable music and video files that you must not lose, then you will probably attempt to fix files manually. Why?

For some reason, one letter changed in it from the time that I first copied it to the time that I actually played it in the browser!

There you go, a VLC secret unraveled. Forum Video Newbie / General discussions Where is the VLC 'Log'? + Reply to Thread Results 1 to 3 of 3 Where is the VLC 'Log'? Uses a filter expression in the format: [operator] Valid operators are >, >=, < and <=. Vlc Is Unable To Open The Mrl Check The Log For Details Once logged in, the plugin makes sure to save the session credentials to avoid asking your username and password again.

The problem is that they are not able to watch that youtube video in vlc media player Because of this (below) error. As expected, the file no longer plays, but when we launch it in VLC and examine the messages, we can see the end result: Your next step would be to take Please note that the string garbage at input shows here in both cases, so we're starting to pick a useful pattern. Check the log for details." I've searched and consulted Help at but so far I've not located this log.

Do you want to help me take early retirement? This should be sufficient for most people to get going. On Windows this means you should open the command prompt or PowerShell, on Mac OS X open the Terminal app and if you're on Linux or BSD you probably already know