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From: Andrew VL Commodore Air Box Modification and Air Flow Meter and Filter VL normally aspirated engines were tricked on Government specification by removing the funnel at the air filter box replace the fuel filter every 30K. If they are simply too hot to even touch with your finger tips... Pull out the alternator and pull out the contact brushes. news

From: David Roitman VN Temperature Gauge Tip If the gauge is reading funny, check the main earth strap from the coil pack of the sixes to near the air filter box. From: Mark VS Commodore Engine & Transmission Fault Codes Here is a list of the Engine & Transmission Fault Codes for future reference in case anybody requires including how to retrieve Another trick is to drill a small hole under the lens to let the water out. If you have any other tech tips to add to this page, please email me.

Vr V6 Fault Codes

Replace the screw. Allow at least 24 hrs for the glue to set. Set the timing to ear, not with a timing light (don't be lazy!!! DIY Channel 7,777 views 3:29 Ingall and Skaife: Falcon vs Commodore final showdown | Car Comparisons | Wheels Australia - Duration: 4:41.

Make sure the door is unlocked (ie the lock rod is pulled up). You will find that it will seem as though you have a flat battery but once the car has been left to cool down for about half an hour it will The return line was disconnected at the engine end, and return fuel collected separately. Vx Commodore Fault Codes A friend helped her get the car home (towed only a few k's).

So why is this important? Holden Fault Codes Ve From: David Redmond VK Commodore EST light stays on after start Fault- throttle switch adjustment From: Peter Forster VK no spark at plugs but power at coil Fault- poor ecu harness All were found to be OK.

Turn ignition switch to accessories. 2.

Replace harness and/or clean contact points of bulbs. Vs Commodore Fault Code 46 Repairing Electric Side Mirror Switch on a VP Commodore 1. TIA. > Ext User(John_H)17-09-2005, 06:33 PMhomeless penguin wrote: >The engine warning light came on yesterday on my way home, and I'm >just wondering how I can find out what might be Nearly easier to change the whole diff assembly if you can get ya hands on one.

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In some cases, the engine may stall. Continued Problem: The black rubber window seal between the top of the interior door trim and the window glass separates from the door trim. Vr V6 Fault Codes The easy fix is to get a new swith and fit it, for 18 bucks, it will save you a lot of heartache at the auto electricians in terms of labour Vs Commodore Common Problems TIA. > Some one will tell you how to access the codes I expect , personally I would be jacking the car and looking at the drive line now before driving

Locate the diagnostic connector under the the steering column on the drivers side. 2. navigate to this website saves changing manually!!! OK, here's the gotchas: 11. Don't laugh... Vt Commodore Fault Codes List

This is because when the wire gets hot it expands and the power can't get to the battery because the wire has broken down due to excessive heat. fuel lines are under extreme pressure, consult a mechanic or the Gregory's manual on how to depressurise the fuel lines as fuel spraying in your face hurts your eyes, makes you Although all LS1 V8's require an OBD2 Cable to view engine data. More about the author Hewlett Packard ink refill kits contain them, and is one easy source.

As they say; "installation is the same procedure in reverse. Vs V8 Fault Codes From: Leon A leaking boot is not always due to a faulty boot lid seal. Hook the lip of the tool behing the side of the orange strip, and swing the other end of the tool in toward the centre of the car.

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Step 8.Check the rest of wiring/hoses etc and Lower Engine and rebolt. As the contacts are made of silver they tarnish and that results in a poor contact. I took the switch out and blew it out with air and WD40 a few times and the switch worked as it should. Vn Commodore Fault Codes Either tighten the hose clamps or replace the fuel hose and clamps. (CAUTION!!!

So technically, ALDL, VPW and CAN are all different protocols, that speak different languages and all have there specific functions. Update from: Darrell VR V8 engine stops VR Senator engine died - wouldn't start, no spark at plugs ,no spark at dizzy, no spark from coil. Support Terms & Conditions Contact Us CyberChimps WordPress Themes © Envyous Customs Board index Search Advanced search FAQ Login | Register Username: Password: Log me on automatically each visit Register ./ucp.php?mode=register&sid=88e587aee5dafd152cd2f2da449efd4f click site If you find dim, or partially working rear lights, a common problem found is water corroding electrical connections.

As each digit is entered, the number will be displayed in the LCD. 4.