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Company Overview Founded in 1987, SimoTime Technologies is a privately owned company. The Recording Mode is Variable or Fixed or not defined the same as when the file was created. 3. Why was Vader surprised that Obi-Wan's body disappeared? Note: If status-key-1 is a nine (9) then status-key-2 is "implementer-defined". news

Possible violations are: The EXTEND or OUTPUT phrase was specified but the file would not support write operations. My 21 yr old adult son hates me Why can't the second fundamental theorem of calculus be proved in just two lines? Quote:> Hi, I have a question here about VSAM file status. This includes the smallest thin client using the Internet and the very large mainframe systems.

File Status 35 In Cobol

Ron Mon, 29 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT Michael Doda#4 / 11 VSAM file status code 35 Quote: > Hi, I have a question here about VSAM file status. For additional information about SimoTime Services or Technologies please send an e-mail to: [email protected] or call 415 883-6565. Therefore, the file status-key-2 may not always be a numeric value that is easy to display. The INPUT phrase was specified but the file would not support read operations. 38 OPEN An OPEN operation has been tried on a file previously closed with a

Alternate indexes are incorrectly defined (Key length or position, duplicates or sparse parameters). 2. The I/O statement failed because of a boundary violation. We reserve the right to make changes without notice at any time. Vsam File Status 93 But when I opened this VSAM file in COBOL as I-O, I got file status code 35.

This can also happen when a sequential file is open for input and an attempt is made to open the same file for output.(Run Time System (RTS) message by Micro Focus). Cheers :-) -- *********************************************** * Manager, Operations and Tech Support * * United Retail Group, Inc. * *---------------------------------------------* * SELECT OPTIONAL fdname ASSIGN TO ddname ... Or Disk full. 25 READ START A START statement or a random READ statement has been attempted on an OPTIONAL file that is not present.

But when I opened this VSAM file in COBOL as I-O, I got file >status code 35. Vsam File Status 92 Please help me to get rid of this problem. This condition indicates that an attempt has been made to write beyond the externally defined boundaries of a sequential file. The combinations of possible values and their meanings are shown below with some comments where vendor additions or extensions may occur.

Vsam File Status 37

Is there any way by which VSAM file can be checked if it is empty or not...if it is not possible through a JCL then can we handle it in program imp source OPEN statement execution successful: File integrity verified. 98 ALL File is Locked or Index is corrupt - Open failed due to either the invalid contents of an environment File Status 35 In Cobol I defined only base VSAM file in program, the alternate index file is not defined. Vsam File Status 39 This is usually caused by a conflict with record-length, key-length, key-position or file organization.

Is it required to define in the program. Following are the common file status codes with their description which will help you to resolve the issues: CodeDescription 00Operation completed successfully 02Non-Unique Alternate Index duplicate key found 04Invalid fixed length Will I encounter any problems as a recognizable Jew in India? It ran fine when we restart the JOB.Please advise. Vsam File Status 97

If status-key-1 is equal to 9 then status-key-2 is a one byte, binary value as defined in the following table. S.M. VSAM status code 39 on Open? 6. Depart, I say; and let us have done with you.

This error does not occur if the file is defined as OPTIONAL in the SELECT/ASSIGN statement (in thst case READ actions against the file receive "end of file" or "record not File Status In Cobol Example Integer function which takes every value infinitely often Where can I get a file/list of the common and scientific names of species? Generally, this error occurs because the Assign To name in your Cobol program does not have a corresponding DD statement in the JCL.

For files with variable-length records the minimum and maximum record lengths for the actual file may not match the minimum and maximum record lengths used by the program

Regards,Nanthu.Y. CICS a VSAM file 8. If you get a 35, OPEN it for OUTPUT, WRITE a dummy record, DELETE the dummy record, CLOSE it, then OPEN it for I/O again. File Status 90 Attempting to REWRITE a record to a file and the record is not the same size as the record being replaced. 46 READ Sequentially accessed files only.

Bretz Vice President, R&D Mescoma Systems and Consulting, Inc "Man's mind stretched to a new idea never returns to it's original dimensions" Thu, 09 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT Jim Van APL-L Digest - 5 Feb 2003 to 6 Feb 2003 (#2003-35) 12. A question concerning Wolfram Alpha Why didn’t Japan attack the West Coast of the United States during World War II? It is provided "AS IS" without any expressed or implied warranty, including the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

Thanks > in advance. > -- I believe it is a missing DD statement. When attempt to read using OPEN INPUT FILE-NAME, it is abending with return code 35. Attempt has been made to store a record that would create a duplicate key in the indexed or relative file OR a duplicate alternate record key that does not allow duplicates. Refer to the section for Status-Key-1 being equal to "3" for additional information based on Status-Key-2. 4Logic Error, a program is attempting a file access function in an improper sequence or

You will need to intially load the file with one dummy record via some type of utility (ie FileAid). File Status Keys Return Codes for Data Files & VSAM Table of Contents v-16.01.01 - vsmfsk01.htm Introduction File Status Key Overview Primary File Status 00 Thanks >in advance. >-- File status 35 means an open was attempted on a non-optional file that was not present. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

Explore How to Obtain and Display the File Status after attempting to access a data file or VSAM data set. Check to make sure your ORGANIZATION, ACCESS and RECORD KEY are what they should be for an I-O file. Can anyone tell me what message does code 35 carry? > John, Mon, 06 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT Yvette Pannel#8 / 11 VSAM file status code 35 Graham: If my Or a START or READ operation has been tried on an optional input file that is not present. 24 WRITE "BOUNDARY VIOLATION", Indexed and relative files only.

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