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Vsam Open Error 24


Note:A SimoTime License is required for the items to be made available on a local system or server. Top of Page | Home | Books for Computer Professionals | Privacy | Terms | | Site Map and Site Search | Programming Manuals and Tutorials | The so the file with content should be there for JOB Y.That is why i posted the issue. Let me rephrase my previous post so you can understand. news

In most installations, this is not the common practice. Possible causes:For a READ statement the key value for the current key is equal to the value of that same key in the next record in the current key of reference.For In the name of God, go!" -- what I say to a junior programmer at least once a day Akatsukami Global moderator Posts: 1001Joined: Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:31 amLocation: Hope this helps...

Vsam Return Codes

Check the ASSIGN(EXTERNAL) directive and possible environment variable setting for the COBOL file name. 9005 05 Illegal device specification. 9006 06 Attempt to write to a file opened for input. 9007 Software Agreement and Disclaimer Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute this software, documentation or training material for any purpose requires a fee to be paid to SimoTime Technologies. QSAM files (ordinary, sequential, flat files) can be made to return a code to you, if you wish. Quite often, to reach larger markets or provide a higher level of service to existing customers it requires the newer Internet technologies to work in a complementary manner with existing corporate

The second character is known as status-key-2 additional detail. An empty VSAM file cannot be opened for input or I-O in a COBOL program (nor anything else). This can be caused by issuing a read after the end-of-file has been reached during sequential processing. 9149 95 Wrong open mode or access mode for REWRITE/ DELETE. 9150 96 Program Vsam File Status 39 Talk to your storage administration folks and ask them to convert the non-Extended attribute vsam cluster to extended attribute vsam cluster If your shop is sms managed then you can use

There used to an IBM VSAM Knowledge base site (found out by doing a search here)...But has been removed and we are being redirected to a new site. Finally got a chance to cut my teeth in vsam. Explore The Micro Focus Web Site via Internet Connect for more information about products and services available from Micro Focus. Robert Sample Global moderator Posts: 3100Joined: Sat Dec 19, 2009 8:32 pmLocation: Bellevue, Iowa Hasthanked: 1 time Beenthanked: 177 times Top Re: VSAM Error - 35 --- OPEN ERROR NOT

Can u tell me how to check if my vsam cluster has got non extended attributes or extended attributes? Vsam File Status 97 It is provided "AS IS" without any expressed or implied warranty, including the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. I am looking for an explanation for Error Code 24. Possible causes:Attempting to write beyond the externally defined boundaries of a file.Attempting a sequential WRITE operation has been tried on a relative file, but the number of significant digits in the

Vsam File Status 37

Alternatively a START or READ operation has been tried on an optional input file that is not present. 24 Relative and indexed files only. why not try these out We have not set the predecessor X for the JOB Y. Vsam Return Codes I am trying to see how a greater lrecl is being written. Vsam File Status 93 Thanks..

Regards,Nanthu.Y. navigate to this website Does it mean trying to write a length greater than the defined lrecl of the file? Many vendors take advantage of the x"00' to x'FF' (or 0-255) binary value. View More Latest ... Vsam File Status 92

Back to top kolusuSite AdminJoined: 26 Nov 2002Posts: 11556Topics: 74Location: San Jose Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2004 5:25 am Post subject: mfjin, Are you getting a return code of 24 when There is more to making the Internet work for your company's business than just having a nice looking WEB site. The JOB Y ran at 2100 hrs and JOB X ran at 2330hrs. More about the author Too many files open simultaneously (Micro Focus). 15 Too many indexed files open (Micro Focus). 16 Too many device files open (Micro Focus). 17 Record error: probably zero length (Micro Focus).

But can someone please provide me with a link to this. File Status Codes In Cobol Pdf Based upon your post, what happened is both normal and expected behavior. Either there is not enough space left to make the secondary allocation or you attempted to increase the size of a data set while processing SHROPT=4 and DISP=SHR. 036(24) Key Ranges

This document may be used to assist as a tutorial for new programmers or as a quick reference for experienced programmers.

The ascending key requirements of successive record key values has been violated or the prime record key value has been changed by a COBOL program between successful execution of a READ Back to top mfjinBeginnerJoined: 26 Apr 2003Posts: 94Topics: 17 Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2004 5:21 am Post subject: Ravi, can you help me with this? Extended File Status, nnn-xx The first character of the File-Status-Key is known as status-key-1. Vsam File Status 90 VSAM error codes which appear on the MVS job log and on the console. ******* you may copy this COBOL code and put it into your COBOL progrqam ******* to handle

Once the fee is received by SimoTime the latest version of the software, documentation or training material will be delivered and a license will be granted for use within an enterprise, If that is the case , then You are trying to write a record that is longer than your MAX LRECL for the file. Since you have file-aid at your shop, choose option utilities(3) and then vsam(5) and then specify the vsam cluster name in the dataset name area and just press ENTER. click site You can check them in the same way that you check VSAM files.

Note: If status-key-1 is a nine (9) then status-key-2 is "implementer-defined". The value is placed in the status key before execution of any EXCEPTION/ERROR declarative or INVALID KEY/AT END phrase associated with the request. The combinations of possible values and their meanings are shown below. Facebook Twitter Googleplus Youtube Reddit pinterest

Refer to the section for Status-Key-1 being equal to "4" for additional information based on Status-Key-2. 9Implementor Defined, Many vendors take advantage of the x"00' to x'FF' (or 0-255) binary value. The first character of the File-Status-Key is known as status-key-1 and defines a group or category. SimoTime Technologies makes no warranty or representations about the suitability of the software, documentation or learning material for any purpose. Back to top mfjinBeginnerJoined: 26 Apr 2003Posts: 94Topics: 17 Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2004 6:31 am Post subject: Kolusu I found this in abend aid for the offending file (file that

The first group of documents may be available from a local system or via an internet connection, the second group of documents will require an internet connection. fornanthakumar Posts: 70Joined: Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:58 pm Hasthanked: 0 time Beenthanked: 0 time Top Re: VSAM Error - 35 - OPEN ERROR NOT LOADED Top Re: VSAM Therefore, the file status key may not always be a numeric value that is easy to display. The following tables contain file-status-key content that may be set by Micro Focus COBOL (Mainframe Express or Net Express) or an IBM Mainframe System (MVS, OS/390 or ZOS).

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or feedback please call or send an e-mail to: [email protected] We appreciate hearing from you. For an OPEN or CLOSE statement with the REEL/UNIT phrase the referenced file is a non-reel/unit medium. 08 Attempted to read from a file opened for output. 09 No room in