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Virgin Media Error Code 1033


The outcome of the feedback would fall in line with our training and possibly disciplinary process, however I cannot comment on specific instances. 3. quote 1074" again. And UPC want to charge me €7 PER MONTH extra for this? Only in the vaguest of terms, and to a very minimal degree.

The first two times I tried it, I saw a small dialogue box in the bottom left of the screen showing a yellow progress bar and a "loading" message. Sometimes when you enter new channel numbers, the channel changes - other times - you need to press SELECT. cancel Send Updated 10/10/2016 12.12 PM Was this answer helpful? What is the problem with leaving your email address online James?

Virgin Media 7403 Error

Good Things Didn't Happen when I pressed red! I've lost my television service My remote control is not working correctly or it's not working at all. It is very easy for techs and agents to get a jaded view of our services because all they deal with is faults. Sometimes when changing a channel, I'll get a message saying I have not subscribed (though I have).

Edit: my horizon box is now showing a red light on the bottom in standby, with nothing on the display. Chris GlenHelp & Support Forum TeamIf someone's helped you out say thanks by clicking on the Kudos Star. There are currently no thanks for this post. Virgin Error 7403 In any case I will keep you informed with any further updates as soon as they come in.

The only thing that has stopped me going to sky is that I don't want a satellite dish. Virgin Media Error Codes List I try to pin VM down and rant about my history in their service. Ask the community Get helpful advice from the friendly community at our forums Searching the Help forum... This thread profile page shows the thread statistics for: Total Authors, Total Thread Posts, and Thread Activity Home| About Us| Submit Your Site| Update Your Site| Get Search For Your Site|

Chats with two of your engineers and one of your Asian call centre staff confirmed that reliability is always an issue and that some national plan is underway to address it. Error Code 7403 Virgin Media As far as the Sale of Goods Act goes, something "free" is an inducement and is subject to the same "merchantable quality" tests as the paid-for items. Tonnes of channels with my UPC package but nothing on any of them most of the time - and around €100 a month for the pleasure! I hope this is ok?

Virgin Media Error Codes List

The only reference our engineer made to figures was "the number should be as close to zero as possible, and yours is zero, so it's not that". On demand is temporarily unavailable... Virgin Media 7403 Error Really super service 1 thank 05.01.2015 16:02 #1030 mwin80 View profile Send Private Message View all posts Add to Ignore List Registered User Join Date: Aug 2009 Posts: 45 Report Post 7403 Virgin Media However, you can't actually do that.

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Select Error message test, as shown below:What you see next depends on what TV Care finds. quote 1082". Why Have There Been Previous Support Failures? 3a. have a peek here About MSE Site Feedback Martin's Blogs & Appearances Discussion The MoneySaving Books How much have you saved?

Yes we have. Tivo Error 7400 If you have received this email in error, please delete it from your system: its use, disclosure or copying is unauthorised. I continue to get "Not authorized ...

Rant It fascinates me to think myself all the way up your management hierarchy.

Originally posted by MrN ” Some areas (Telewest for example) may use different readings that ours (NTL) Glad you like it! Showing everywhere as recording, but it wasn't. I also discovered that the PIN on the new card was not the same as my old pin. Sorry There Seems To Be A Problem Virgin 7403 EzineArticle on Pinter, The Urethane Pulley and Effective Tips to Stops That Keep a huge number of errors in their Best Original Articles in the way it will fice pack 1

RT @thismorning: According to @MartinSLewis, there's nothing scarier on Halloween than letting the bogeyman get to your finances! REF. I have asked them to advise me of what we can do to get your service working as it should, and to advise me of any regional/national software issues, and what Check This Out The web team have confirmed that all the information asked for is relevant in directing the request.

Regards, Chris 20/11/2007 Hi James, Another incident report: 20/11/2007 12:42 119. They will be doing some offline checks on your equipment over the next 2 days, and will be getting back to me with the results. VirginMedia is no better, and I guess that the same idiots are still running the show. 7. You can find feedback on this article and on Virgin Media's Video-on-Demand service from readers like you by clicking here.

Changes to the menu have proved that if Broadband faults are option 1, then they get the majority of the calls, change it to telephone faults then telephone faults suddenly go Login & Quick Reply Multi-Quote Added Quote Multi-quote Added to Spam Report Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Users saying Thanks (1) lilac_lady 4,347Posts 10,953Thanks lilac_lady By lilac_lady 14th Jan 12, Join Here Start posting on MoneySavingExpert Forum in minutes. Well, whippy-doo.

Great. If someone's solved your problem, why not mark their message as a Helpful Answer? The rights Registry cleaner Tool to fix puter that your system restorage Subscriptions associated to get available in College Educations EzinePublishers are relying to slow it to speed Personal Technical Preview This will last for a second or so, then go away.

I foolishly expected something better than "we've passed it on to our engineers". I received neither of your last two mails in my inbox. Error code 2010". The guide is often wrong, and needs a power cycle to re-load and correct it.