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Vmware Consolidation Unknown Error


To resolve BIOS UUID issues for jobs from older clients created in Simpana Version 9.0, you can run the following stored procedure on the CommServe database (for Windows x64 systems only). If one of the clients has a Simpana agent installed, backup history is merged into the client with the Simpana agent. If thin provisioning is chosen for the restore, the restore operation takes longer, regardless of the original disk provisioning format. Allow key lengths of less than 1024 bits by using registry settings.

Additional Resources Restore with Changed Block Tracking (CBT) VMW0054: Disk letter is not shown when browsing data for backup that used disk filtering Symptom After performing a backup with disk filtering, General VMW0058: Error downloading virtual machine config file Symptom The backup job fails with the following error: Error downloading virtual machine config file. Enter the following commands to clear the cache: cd /opt/3dfs mv 3dfs 3dfs.old rm ?rf 3dfs.old & VMW0053: After upgrade, CBT restore fails with error "CBT file ... For more information on installing the CommServe, see Install the CommServe.

Detected An Invalid Snapshot Configuration

Transport: HOTADD Explanation/Actions: An NTFS virtual disk from a Window 2012 Server might produce Error 87 when the data mover mounts the disk in read-only mode that is on an earlier Powered by Blogger. VMWare went with it's a locking issue and wanted me to reboot the backup server and try again. When you start the Command Line Interface to capture data, use the name of the standby CommServe in the -commcell argument.

For information on how Tivoli Storage Manager requests virtual machine snapshots see Transport: HOTADD Explanation/Actions: VMware's Virtual Disk Development Kit (VDDK) no longer supports HOTADDing the data mover system to itself for backup, NBD/NBDSSL must be used. Resolution After the restore completes, perform the following steps on the target virtual machine: Open the Computer Management Console on the virtual machine. Device 'bootstrap' Is Not Available. Resolution Initialize the disks before running a backup, in order to collect metadata enabling file level restores.

This causes a thick eager zero disk to be created on restore. For more information, see Using the VMware vCenter Server 4.x/5.x datastore browser to download or copy a powered-on virtual machine's .vmx and .nvram files fails (1019286). Historical Number v1.0 Document information More support for: IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments Data Protection for VMware Software version: All Versions Operating system(s): Linux, Windows Software edition: All Editions Reference VMware seemed to indicate that we might need to shutdown and clone the disk to remedy this.

Similarly, before performing the restore, ensure that the instance is configured for the vCenter and not for the ESX server. Failed To Find A Host For Powering On The Virtual Machine A VMware KB article ( might help to determine which attribute is causing the problem. VMW0004: Error Code 91:30 Unable to open the disk(s) for Virtual Machine. Endure the data mover has access to the target virtual machines datastore.

Unable To Access File Since It Is Locked Vmware

We ended up moving the VM config files (VMX etc) to a new LUN (off of 3PAR to Compellent). You might need to upgrade to the latest version or remove VMware Tools from the virtual machine and then reinstall them. Detected An Invalid Snapshot Configuration Vitaliy S. An Error Occurred While Consolidating Disks: Could Not Open/create Change Tracking File. These vStorage API error messages can be found on the data mover, which is the machine running the Tivoli Storage Manager Backup/Archive Client and the messages are in the dsmerror.log file.

VMW0077: Floppy and CD drive of a virtual machine connect to a different datastore after an out-of-place restore Symptom You are performing an out-of-place restore of a virtual machine and you Resolution Configure the ReRegisterVMAfterRestore additional setting on the proxy computer where the Virtual Server Agent is installed and set the value to 1. Ended up with 6 vms needing consolidation afterwards. On the Computers tab, choose one of the following: Click the Modify button under Computers to select individual clients or a group of virtual clients. Invalid Virtual Machine Configuration

Auskey on Yosemite (dealing with the Australian Taxation Office using a MacOS 10.10 system) The Australian Taxation Office has a very fragile website called the Business Portal. For more information, see VMware KB VMW0012: Secondary SCSI disk assigned to VM becomes inaccessible after a backup VMW0015: Backups with VMware VixDiskLib 6.0 fail with host certificate error VMW0018: Backup in SAN transport mode fails for check over here Transport: SAN Explanation and actions: 1) The data mover must be installed on a physical system. 2) The Fibre Channel SAN is not accessible by the data mover node.

Thanks! Esxi Restart Management Agents The SAN Policy must be set to OnLineAll using the Windows program called diskpart. Message: "Volume/NTFS filesystem is corrupt (87)" Tivoli Storage Manager operations: Backup VM Transport: SAN, NBD, NDBSSL Explanation/Actions: It is unknown if this message occurs when you use SAN, NBD, or NBDSSL.

Data Protector built-in reports There are four ways of getting reports out of HP Data Protector: Using the built-in reports (listed below) Querying the internal databas...

Reversing to normal mode CBT restore is not possible, falling back to the old way Discovery can fail if a fault tolerance guest virtual machine (VM) is discovered, even when the For example: vc.uuid = "50 16 fb 85 10 1a 96 f6-77 3a 0e 64 be 96 21 5b" In vCloud Director 1.5 and vCloud Director 5.1: You can now configure More detailed information about the issue is available at An orphaned VMDK is created when a system or user generated vSphere Storage vMotion task is performed during virtual machine backup (2055943). Virtual Machine Disk Consolidation Is Needed Message: VixDiskLib_Read => “The server refused connection” Tivoli Storage Manager operations: Backup VM Transport: NBD, NDBSSL Explanation/Actions: This message occurs intermittently when you are using older (before Tivoli Storage Manager 7.1)

VMW0072: Restore fails (SAN transport mode with proxy on Windows Server 2008) Symptom A restore fails when using SAN transport mode with a proxy on Windows Server 2008. VMW0012: Secondary SCSI disk assigned to VM becomes inaccessible after a backup For more information, see KB Article VMW0012. Your VM is too intensive on writes and consolidation process cannot keep up with the changes when -delta file grows faster than it can commit the changes to the base. this content Seems like the actual running of the cleanup gets lost, host overloaded or some kind of a command queue loss??Do you run your jobs using vCenter Server connection or direct ESXi

Use a newer version of Windows Server for the data mover. Open the home folder for the virtual machine on the datastore and remove any -ctk.vmdk files. Right click the foreign disk and click Import Foreign Disk... or "Allocate blocks".

Media containing the data you wish to recover is available and not overwritten. Some times we can consolidate just fine, other times is doesn't work. VMW0039: You do not have access rights to this file Symptom When performing a backup in SAN mode, the following error is shown in the vsbkp.log and VixDisk.log: You do not The vsbkp.log file may display messages such as the following: The disk is dynamic disk.

Resolution To take full advantage of VADP-based incremental backups, correct CBT issues on the problematic virtual machine as quickly as possible. On a standby computer, install the CommServe software. This VM has 5 1.9TB disk. So I ran lsof | grep the-vmdk-file This showed that two different processes had it open.

It is not Veeam's problem, it's the way ESXi 5.5 behaves comparing to 5.1.VMware will most likely recommend to increase the time for which the VM is allowed to be paused After the restore completes, mount the volumes manually. Background: We've been running Veeam for just shy of 4 years.