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Re: Operating system not found imran361 Mar 15, 2015 6:58 PM (in response to VRBitman) I have tick the checkbox "Connect at power on" but the checkbox "Connected" is disabled.But window Re: Operating system not found schepp Jul 26, 2013 3:48 AM (in response to qwerty1805) Hi,you need to click the "connected" and "connect at power on" in the right top corner vnc_port_min and vnc_port_max (integer) - The minimum and maximum port to use for VNC access to the virtual machine. AWS keypairs should match, SSH usernames should be correct, passwords should match, etc.

Community Resources Packer is an open source project with an active community. Examples are "5s" and "1m30s" which will cause Packer to wait five seconds and one minute 30 seconds, respectively. See more about debugging Packer builds. This can be caused by bad permissions, using symlinks or very large tarball sizes.

The Required Vmware Tools Iso Image Does Not Exist Or Is Inaccessible

By default the values are 8000 and 9000, respectively. keep_registered (boolean) - Set this to true if you would like to keep the VM registered with the remote ESXi server. vmx_data_post (object of key/value strings) - Identical to vmx_data, except that it is run after the virtual machine is shutdown, and before the virtual machine is exported.

By default this is empty. The goal of these commands should be to type just enough to initialize the operating system installer. By default, this is empty, which means VMware tools won't be uploaded. Download Vmware Tools Packer will try these in order.

Please consult the appropriate documentation on how to update VMware Hypervisor's firewall to allow these connections. Vix Error Code = 21001 headless (boolean) - Packer defaults to building VMware virtual machines by launching a GUI that shows the console of the machine being built. Currently, no support exists for creating sub-directories on the floppy. Packer by default uses a safe, flexible VMX file.

It COULD be something Packer can fix but we can't debug this given this information unfortunately. Download Vmware Tools For Linux I have Vmware version 11. Still, the example serves to show the basic configuration: { "type": "vmware-iso", "iso_url": "", "iso_checksum": "af5f788aee1b32c4b2634734309cc9e9", "iso_checksum_type": "md5", "ssh_username": "packer", "shutdown_command": "shutdown -P now" } Configuration Reference There are many configuration The type of the checksum is specified with iso_checksum_type, documented below.

Vix Error Code = 21001

The path is relative to the remote_cache_datastore on the remote machine. For more on hardware constraints in the Atlas environment read below. The Required Vmware Tools Iso Image Does Not Exist Or Is Inaccessible Already have an account? Vmware Tools Iso Download By default this is 5900 to 6000.

Typically Packer builds that fail due to requesting hardware limits that exceed Atlas's hardware limitations will fail with a The operation was canceled error message as shown below: ... ==> vmware-iso: check my blog mitchellh closed this Apr 26, 2014 tssgery commented May 13, 2014 I just started playing with packer, using the vmware-iso builder, and ran into this. By default this is an empty string, which tells Packer to just forcefully shut down the machine. This only has an effect if remote_type is enabled. Vmware Tools Running Unsupported

I got past the issue by ensuring that the "guest_os_type" was correctly set. Press any key to continue. ==> vmware-iso: Pausing after run of step 'StepConfigureVMX'. guest_os_type (string) - The guest OS type being installed. Like Show 1 Like (1) Actions 10.

Also known as the virtualhw.version. Packer Guest_os_type By default this is "packer-BUILDNAME", where "BUILDNAME" is the name of the build. HashiCorp Tools AWS, GCE, Azure, etc.

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Custom Solutions Updating Tools Vagrant Features Shares Creating Shares Custom names Custom domains Troubleshooting Wordpress Boxes Creating Boxes Versioning and Lifecycle Discovering Distributing Boxes Box Rate Limiting Packer Features Builds Starting See below for more information. Please only modify the template if you know what you're doing. Install Vmware Tools Greyed Out And IMHO, Error: Unknown error errors are the worst kind of errors to debug.

i am beginner and facing same problem "operating system not found"but, button "connected" and "connect at power on" in the right top corner are disable..any solution plzregards Like Show 0 Likes In my case, I needed "ubuntu-64" 👍 1 🎉 1 olly commented Jul 14, 2014 Just wanted to add that @tssgery's comment about setting the "guest_os_type" to ubuntu-64 fixed the This is only required if remote_type is enabled. have a peek at these guys floppy_dirs (array of strings) - A list of directories to place onto the floppy disk recursively.

Press any key to continue. ==> vmware-iso: Pausing after run of step 'StepSuppressMessages'. For ESXi, refer to the proper ESXi documentation.