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Warning Error Handling Beans.xml In Meta-inf/beans.xml

If you have an application in the environment that use these JAVA_OPTIONS, the applications may not work after clearing the options. Workaround You must enable short name generation in the Windows registry in order for spaces to be properly handled by the configuration tools. This is due to a WebLogic Server deployment restriction. The write object can be trivial: private void writeObject( out) throws IOException { out.defaultWriteObject(); } Non-Transactional Message-Driven Bean Container Can Fail to Provide Reproducible Behavior For Foreign Topics Platform: All When

For example: t3://[fe80:0:0:0:203:baff:fe2f:59e5]:9991 Server Cannot Be Started After a Whole Server Migration Platform: All If the WebLogic Server Administration Server is down when a Whole Server Migration occurs for a clustered Include the option when invoking WLST. Extended EntityManagers are only supposed to be used in stateful components that, for example, reside in a session, with the lifecycle of the EntityManager not tied to a current transaction but The LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean gives full control over EntityManagerFactory configuration and is appropriate for environments where fine-grained customization is required.

So my original problem description was incorrect, the warning is not spurious, but its presence should not depend on the locale, and there appears to be an issue with resource bundle This is not necessary for local transactions as performed by Spring's JdoTransactionManager, but it is necessary to participate in JTA transactions, whether driven by Spring's JtaTransactionManager or by EJB CMT and Using CHAR as a primary key is not recommended for the Oracle database. The LocalEntityManagerFactoryBean creates an EntityManagerFactory suitable for simple deployment environments where the application uses only JPA for data access.

Most of these patterns can be directly translated to all other supported ORM tools. I'm guessing that the spaces in the subdirectory "Beg EJB 3" is the problem. Private and protected members may be made public at runtime. Dealing with multiple persistence units For applications that rely on multiple persistence units locations, stored in various JARS in the classpath, for example, Spring offers the PersistenceUnitManager to act as a

Hide Permalink Harald Wellmann added a comment - 19/Apr/13 2:09 PM I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with de_DE.UTF-8. Establish the transactional context yourself in the business method. This is appealing from a non-invasiveness perspective, and might feel more natural to JPA developers. 20.5.3Transaction Management Note You are strongly encouraged to read Section17.5, "Declarative transaction management" if you have This makes these values easy to manage and change.

This message flags java.lang.Object and it cannot be disabled. This is of course appealing from a non-invasiveness perspective, and might feel more natural to JDO developers. Exceptions When Defining a Security Policy for an EJB Platform: All When defining security policies in the Administration Console for an EJB deployment that references types defined in a separate library CHKJ2905 means that the project's metadata could not be initialized from ejb-jar.xml.

Workaround Download and install patch 13361720. I have tried placing META-INF/beans.xml in all possible permutations including its own jar in WEB-INF/lib The best I get is the following errors with a layout+sources that are listed after it: Enter this value in the Patch Number Search field on the Patches & Updates tab of My Oracle Support. Change the data source to use XA instead (this may lower performance), or Change the application to ensure data source access on the transaction coordinator, as described in "Optimizing Performance with

You can then enter and confirm the password for the domain. this page In the confirmation dialog that appears, click No to return to the Configuration Wizard. The message disappears when you add the correct namespace definition. SSL Failures Occur When Using JDK 7 Platform: All In WebLogic Server 12.1.1, various SSL failures may occur when using WebLogic Server with JDK 7u2.

Workaround Prior to starting the Fusion Middleware product installation, clear the existing JAVA_OPTIONS. If you start the Administration Server later, the managed server will connect to the Administration Server. Workaround Oracle recommends that you do not use the browser Back button to step back into an assistant once changes are cancelled or finished, and that you do not go back In this case, there are two potential workarounds: (a) change the data source to use XA instead (this may lower performance); or (b) change the application to ensure data source access

General Issues and Workarounds This section describes the following issues and workarounds: Multi-Byte Characters Display Incorrectly in Filenames When Using Safari Oracle ojdbc14.jar File Has Been Changed to ojdbc6.jar Strong Password Related tasks Validating code in enterprise applications Related reference J2EE Validators 5/5 2 Oracle WebLogic Server Issues This chapter describes issues associated with Oracle WebLogic Server. The project metadata cannot be initialized from the application.xml file.

For details on transaction support, see the Chapter17, Transaction Management chapter. 20.2.2Exception translation When you use Hibernate, JPA, or JDO in a DAO, you must decide how to handle the persistence

The following command out is for your convenience. $ jar cvf ../cdibug.war . Spring-driven transactions can work as well with a locally defined Hibernate SessionFactory as they do with a local JDBC DataSource if they are accessing a single database. CHKJ2873 Migrate this bean's datasource binding to a CMP Connection Factory binding.   CHKJ2874 Migrate this EJB module's default datasource binding to a default CMP Connection Factory binding.   CHKJ2875E This behavior, if present, is a side-effect of the implementation that should not be relied upon since Oracle reserves the right to change this behavior at any point in time.

BLOBs can be used in a primary key, but the schema must be defined manually. We strongly recommend such an instance-based setup over the old-school static HibernateUtil class from Hibernate's CaveatEmptor sample application. (In general, do not keep any resources in static variables unless absolutely necessary.) Installation Issues and Workarounds This section describes the following issues and workarounds: WebLogic Server Installer Fails With Insufficient Disk Space Error WebLogic Server Home Cannot Be the Same as the Middleware useful reference Comment 24 Sergey Petrov 2013-06-26 12:00:52 UTC this one issue was resolve din 7.2. 7.3.1 have separate issue, it's not so god to reopen this one in next or later releases

If possible, could you please tell me how to obtain your sample, I suggest putting your sample into your github repo. JNDI registration of a Hibernate SessionFactory through the JCA connector only adds value when used in conjunction with EJBs. 20.3.7Spurious application server warnings with Hibernate In some JTA environments with very Run the XML validator for more information. WARNING: Error while trying to load Bean Class : java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: WARNING: Error while trying to load Bean Class : java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: WARNING: Error while trying to load Bean

Spring makes it easy to create and bind a Session to the current thread transparently, by exposing a current Session through the Hibernate SessionFactory. Strong Password Enforcement May Cause Issues With WLST Offline Scripts Platform: All With the implementation of strong password enforcement (8 character minimum with one numeric or special character) in this release The restore Method Does Not Update the DConfig Bean With Plan Overrides Platform: All The restore method does not correctly update the DConfig Bean with the plan overrides. By default, this property is not enabled.

That Glassfish deployment component should have correctly escaped spaces in the URL, but looks like it doesn't. Hooking ClassTransformers through an agent typically is not efficient.