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I thought maybe my XSL was off, but I don't thinkk so....I would really like to know if it's my PHP code. Normally it works either way, but it is always the best thing to use the slash. The parameters must be UTF-8 encoded and their values will be interpreted as strings by the Sablotron processor. Maybe this site reveals the true syntax:

I don't know if there is another - more elegant way - to do this. my review here

Justin Brown (@spridel11) is an Information Assurance Analyst at a large financial institution. This also applies to external entities and dtd's. I think I have to change my PHP code, but I really don't know how to change it! print $networth; ?> up down 0 dragan at iskrassoderwas dot de ¶14 years ago Your input into xslt-process can of course be of external-php-script-nature.

The input containers default to a filename 'containing' the document to be processed. Votes 0 Share Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ 1 comment Sort by Date Votes ANONYMOUS Last update January 16, 2016 13:25 Permalink Hello Ahmed,AM> it seems that this plug-in pageAM>> returns If anyone knows how to do this then please send me a mail. Using Windows 2000 Server SP 2, PHP 4.1.1 and IIS 5.0 I tested the following code.

Any URI, is specified as: :location. using this code the problem was completely solved... thank u, [2002-05-02 00:55 CUSTOM PUBLISHING Many organizations welcome the ability to combine parts of multiple Syngress books, as well as their own content, into a single volume for their own internal...‎Εμφανίζεται σε 8 βιβλία Andrew [2002-01-14 13:17 UTC] msopacua at idg dot nl Unless the below is a typo, it's quite logical: while (!feof ($xmlfile)) { $xml_file_contents = fgets($xmlfile, 4096); //echo $xml_file_contents; } should read:

Didn't find what you were looking for? AIDE is a non-profit organization that provides research and training for digital evidence professionals including attorneys, judges, law enforcement officers and information security practitioners in the private sector. Would be cool to get this working. Top All times are GMT -4.

All paths are correct Andrew [2002-01-10 14:40 UTC] andrew dot stopford at btinternet dot com slight correction to my last message it should read $file_path = "C:\\test\\"; :) Andrew [2002-01-14 07:32 SOLUTIONS WEB SITE To register your book, visit I'm on Redhat 9, PHP 4.3.4, the PHP info is at Here's my error: Warning: Sablotron error on line 1: XML parser error 3: no element found in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on For the full discussion on this subject see the other thread at:

/watson up down 0 twa at carlbro dot dk ¶13 years ago

Contact us at [email protected] for more information. look at this site If i have an invoice that is 1 day old , it says that payment is 366 days overdue.Where do i set how it interprets dates . All rights reserved. at features overstocked, out-of-print, or slightly hurt books at significant savings.

Zep3k!GnO -->Curtis jackson :" on est des rangers mec, des rangers ..." Ajouter un commentaire Utile +0 Signaler :D 19 oct. 2007 à 14:33 Bonjour, :D Ajouter un commentaire Répondre au this page However, you can pass it an empty Argument array (modulo any typos):

$xh = xslt_create();
$args = array();
$params = array( 'foo' => 'bar' );
$result = xslt_process($xh,
Andrew XSL| support| documentation| report a bug| advanced search| search howto| statistics| random bug| login go to bug id or search bugs for Bug#32386 Sablotron error on line 1: XML parser error tu l'as parsé avant de le faire passer dans ta feuille de style ?! Use the arg:/_xml syntax and fetch the url's first (fopen or even better with the curl extension) => Should be documentation problem as the file open method is not specified and It allows you to perform an XSLT transformation using almost any type of input source - the containers.

Through Google Hacking and dorks Justin has uncovered numerous troves of information leaks regarding his clients. Berna Ors,Bart PreneelΠεριορισμένη προεπισκόπηση - 2008 Σχετικά με τον συγγραφέα(2011)Johnny Long is a Christian by grace, a professional hacker by trade, a pirate by blood, a ninja in training, a security Basically the only way I can get xslt_process() to work is using the arguments array, putting file names in with getcwd(), file://, include path just doesn't work :o( In these cases you'll have the XML and/or XSLT data in a variable -- and in production applications the overhead of dumping these to file may be too much.

For instance, your XSL document (part of it) could look like:


and your PHP code could look like:

$result = xslt_process($xh, 'arg:/_xml', 'arg:/_xsl', If you receive a lot of data in the XML and want to distribute it along all your page, you can convert all your page to XHTML or force the output After specifying the full file name for the xsl file: $result = xslt_process($xh, 'test.xml', 'E:/Web/test.xsl'); I receive error code 63: unknown encoding '' After using the 'file://' prefix for the xsl All the same error.Did not use wamp but separate install of the 3 components.The weird thing is that it clearly shows in the phpinfo that xslt is active ???Another thing I

SITE LICENSING Syngress has a well-established program for site licensing our e-books onto servers in corporations, educational institutions, and large organizations. Copyright © 2001-2016 The PHP Group All rights reserved. In case this was a documentation problem, the fix will show up soon at In case this was a PHP problem, snapshots of the sources are packaged every three hours; this change will be in the next snapshot.

He can be found lurking at his website ( The full discussion can be found online on this address:

The problem is actually an error in my code (huh? Home Get Started Demo Blog Forum Simple Invoices - Forum Discussions Activity Sign In The SimpleInvoices forum has moved to Google Plus - this forum is now read-only English Sablotron error Here's the example code, commented, shows all that I've found this evening.

It is possible though. Reply With Quote Quick Navigation Coding Top Site Areas Settings Private Messages Subscriptions Who's Online Search Forums Forums Home Forums PHP Help General Help Newbies Database Install Coding Code Critique Upgrading You can grab the snapshot at One called "foo" with the content of the root node in $xml1 and one called "bar" with the content of the root node in $xml2.

In the $args array I

Le fait d'être membre vous permet d'avoir des options supplémentaires. In addition, Bill is Vice President and Information Security Chair at the Appalachian Institute of Digital Evidence. By default, Sablotron doesn't provide an http handler, nor does the current xslt extension. inside an XML document :)

// XML content :
W3C Recommendation page';

// XSL content :

Zwracane wartości Zwraca TRUE w przypadku powodzenia, FALSE w przypadku błędu. But according to the Sablotron people any name can be used. justin December 2006 Permalink Hey Glenn,re date config,- thanks for pointing that out and your solution, i'll look at fixing this up correctly so that the date calculations work correctly with Thank you for your interest in PHP.

Thank you for the report, and for helping us make PHP better. These parameters can then be accessed within your XSL files using the instruction.