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ByLuci on 4 November, 2009 A great post! Chances are that page says "Error 404: file not found". ByJoost de Valk on 4 November, 2009 It should work properly yeah, I'm using a slightly modified version on several sites. There have been articles published that seem to show that, once hreflang is correctly implemented across multiple top-level domains or sub-domains, the most authoritative domain gains in link authority.

I got a nice series of 8 postings on Error 404 Pages at but it explains only about creating 404 page in a site. Using the Wrong Country or Language Codes When you are adding hreflang codes to your webpages, you need to be absolutely sure that you are using the correct country and language All rights reserved. What about the custom ERR_MY_PAGE files I made?

Manual Install Debian and Ubuntu Troubleshooting WARNING: Error Pages Missing Language: Now I keep getting: "Unable to load default error language files. The goal of a good 404 error page is simple: to make sure visitors landing on it continue browsing your site, and find the content they came for. Believing That hreflang Annotations Will Consolidate Link Authority This is another common misconception that can trip up even advanced SEO experts. They are now deprecated and due for removal as soon as ISO coded versions are made available.

All error pages and directories exists. the 404 back is easily forgotten but needed. This post will provide you with everything you need to make your "404 - File not found" page a starting point instead of a dead end street. I really dislike ill-designed 404's in the event that I land on one, and try to bear as much in mind when designing my own - so I'm particularly grateful for

Have the conversion layout at the top then underneath have it like Apple. So if you have two pages in the same language targeting different regions, such as English in the USA and Canada, the content of those two pages may be so similar While this 404 page I made isn't a spectacle of re-routing ingenuity, I remembered to add a search form: 404 It would be great if we could parse the words You could also use the GA "Reverse Goal" path to keep an eye on the different routes by which people arrive at the 404 -- which should highlight any new broken

It very well might be, so you'd better apologize. More languages and new page translations HTML 4.01 strict standards compliance Provides error pages matched to visitors own browser language settings. Theirs? Once you've done that, drop your site's URL in the comments, and I'll make a small gallery of cool 404 error pages in this post.

Contents Internationalization of Squid Project Volunteer Translation Moderators How can I contribute? ByMarc on 3 November, 2009 This ia fantastic post and it has most definitely been bookmarked! When a visitor is looking for something specific and land on your 404, they want to see only two things, 1 is that the information is not listed or not found Yes, I know we are trying to be helpful by presenting "related" topics but it can be daunting if the information is too much.

This is why hreflang tags are not enough. this page But sometimes: 2015/01/27 15:56:48 kid1| WARNING: Error Pages Missing Language: en-gb 2015/01/27 15:56:48 kid1| WARNING: Error Pages Missing Language: en Why? -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iQEcBAEBAgAGBQJUx2GaAAoJENNXIZxhPexGl2QH/iwX+JUz16SczxEzGXGv3f+K Q2idKUnZttLs721f0azp3hSn3Vs9rSQTsBIprqX9TigZuTKNgz5MwxAA+f5ftfkJ A4J/KsdhpasA1viasftvoXFR99dsS3N0/BuRnP1bSWUAHFZM8RiCyJ9KewH6c2ZK Version: 2.5+ (langpacks), 3.1+ (auto-negotiate, CSS) Download: Coordinator: AmosJeffries. Any existing Squid which have been configured with error_directory in their squid.conf will not be affected.

these can give you a very useful insight to old / invalid links that people may be using to access your site. Manual Install Squid-3.1 admin just need to follow these steps: Check that your preferred default language is available for auto-translated pages. You certainly can use both methods, and there is no clear advantage of one method over the other. i looked at your sample 404 page and made some improvements.

Hreflang does not “fix” duplicate content issues, per se. In the Diagnostics - Crawl Errors area of Webmaster Tools Google gives you a great overview of what 404's it encountered on your site: Two Things you Need to Know about Volunteer Translation Moderators Several people have volunteered their time to check and confirm translations to keep their language(s) updated.

This will provide a suitable default language if none can be negotiated with the browser.

Page A should use rel-alternate-hreflang annotation linking to itself. Is this just some > things overlooked from > > Thanks > > -Daniel > > ===================== > Cache.log snippet: | > ===================== > > 2009/07/27 15:31:18| errorTryLoadText: > now i found the perfect article! Install that package and update your squid.conf settings as above.

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If page A links to page B, page B must link back to page A, otherwise, your annotations may not be interpreted correctly.